SEE Turtles Conservation Tours

Assignment Photography in Costa Rica

SEE Turtles is a non-profit sea turtle conservation organization. They offer a variety of volunteering and sea turtle conservation trips and tours around the world. Brad at SEE Turtles needed professional photography for his website and to promote his conservation tours so he hired me to join a tour in Costa Rica.

I photographed the tour group in action. We visited a hatchery on the remote Atlantic coast of Costa Rica. Another day we spent catching sea turtles with a local conservation group (LAST) to record data, collect DNA, tag , and release them. The next day we volunteered at a mangrove restoration nursery. And finally we assisted with dolphin research in the Golfo Dulce. I also photographed the beautiful accommodations, stunning scenery, and local wildlife we spotted along the way. It was, all-in-all, an amazing trip. If this sounds like a dream come true to you, check out SEE Turtle’s sea turtle conservation tours. Or you can read my article about the adventure called Slapped by a Sea Turtle.

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