Virginia Opossum Skull

Virginia Opossum skull illustration
Virginia Opossum skull illustration

Medium/Software: Photoshop
Created: March 2020

In an effort to improve my paleo-art I began examining skull detail, starting with this Virginia Opossum skull I found in my yard. Look at all those magnificent teeth.

Process: Skull photographed in soft light. Used photo as reference for line drawing in Photoshop. Created tonal layers by hand in Photoshop.

I am a huge fan of opossums and have identified many individuals with trail cameras in my yard. Below is an ID guide I created for myself in Adobe Illustrator showing the different ear patterns of opossums in our yard in early 2019. I also gave them names based on sub-atomic particles; major nerd-out.

Opossum ear pattern identification guide for my yard.

Here’s an article I wrote for Travel For Wildlife about the difference between Possums and Opossums.

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