Ten For Turtles was a fund raising initiative to raise money for sea turtle conservation. Jewelry designer Cristina Garcia wanted to sell custom-made bracelets and donate ten dollars from each sale to the non-profit See Turtles. The goal was to raise one thousand dollars for the charity. We created a logo, designed a website, built an Etsy store, created an animation video to promote it, and created illustrations to show the progress of the initiative. The campaign was a success, raising a thousand dollars right on schedule!

Services provided by Naturalist Studio

  • WordPress website design
  • Logo design
  • Etsy store set up
  • Animated promo video
  • Illustrations for campaign
ten for turtles web design
Ten For Turtles logo design.
Graphics designed to illustrate the plight of sea turtles worldwide
Ten For Turtles animated promotional video
Illustrated graphics to depict campaign progress

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