Tronald Dump Animation

Medium/Software: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Character Animator, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop
Created: January 2019

Tronald Dump was a character I created to test out Adobe Character Animator. This amazing program allows you to “live animate” a character by acting in front of your web camera. It is really fun. I built Dump in Adobe Illustrator, imported him into Character Animator and performed this short scene of Dump delivering a speech. I used actual audio from another similar character’s speeches, and used that audio to build the mouth movements. Then I imported that character performance into Adobe Premiere, compiled it with podium artwork built in photoshop along with a very patriotic flag backdrop, and synced the soundtrack. Voila!

The funny thing is I actually thought I made up the name Tronald Dump. Turns out hundreds of other people have as well! You know what’s even funnier. A talking poop wearing a red tie!

A screen grab of my Tronald Dump character delivering yet another inspiring and truth-filled speech.

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